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We make your brand stand out and shine with an on-brand, human-centric, and technically strong website that communicates effectively, drives engagement and generates leads.

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Increased traffic

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High Performance Website

Our process starts by identifying your website’s performance challenges and setting clear goals.

We then audit your site to pinpoint technical issues and ensure alignment with your brand’s identity.

Following this, we craft a strategic plan and design content and layouts that transform into a fully responsive website, equipped with tracking and lead generation tools.

Given the unique nature of each project, we offer custom quotes tailored to your specific needs.

Define your needs to receive a custom quote tailored that perfectly matches with your brand’s vision and objectives.



We make your project a plain sail

Achieving a high-performance website isn’t as simple as it seems. It requires sourcing individual teams specialised in branding, website design, and development, assessing their proficiencies, and orchestrating your resources to harmonise their efforts.

At Liquid Designs, we stand out as a united team of seasoned professionals in Branding, Website Design, and Development. With over two decades of experience, we have successfully crafted brands and websites for clients spanning more than 30 diverse industries in India, the US, and Europe.

A dedicated team of qualified experts in Branding, Website Design, and Development
Over 20 years of experience in building brands and websites
Proven track record of serving clients across 30+ industries in India, the US, and Europe

Discover how our work has nurtured long-term relationships with our clients.

I’ve been working with Liquid Designs for more than five years now, and I must say that I haven’t ever felt the need to look for an alternative agency. A wonderful understanding of concepts, clear smart contemporary designs, a knack for coming up with brilliant alternatives, and all this well within tight timelines – is what defines this team. I will highly recommend Liquid Designs to anyone looking for a smart and creative design hub with high-value deliverables.
Manisha Madan
Head-Corporate Communications Samtel Avionics

The Liquid Designs team is one of the best contemporary design teams I have worked with. Their designs are fluid and have a touch of class. What’s more, they never blow deadlines and create within the time-constraints the business of news demands. I am glad we chose Liquid Designs to create the brand GovernanceNow from scratch.

BV Rao
Editor, Governance Now
Mask Group 7

My Web Design/Development project was successfully completed by Liquid Designs of Gurugram, India, thanks to the boundless patience and focus on detail shown by its founder Ashish D. I am very particular about every tiny detail and requested numerous updates iteratively and Ashish processed them with a master-Zen like quality and temperament.

They’re polite and professional. They listened and understood completely, executing all plans we provided. I have decided to continue with his services for ongoing website maintenance as he and his team are very prompt to respond. Great pricing and best value for money and quality.

Kaushik Saha
CEO, TrueRisk Capital

What started with a small sample project has turned into a two year long association. I love their sense of design, which has a very international aesthetic feel to it. Truly international stuff.

Mikael Andersson
Co-founder, Mat.se (Sweden)

As a start-up with a design centric vision, we wanted to work with someone at the top of their game. We’ve been getting lot of praise for our superbly minimal Mobile App design created by Liquid Designs.

Rahul Gochhwal
Co-founder, Trupay
Mask Group 6

The ability to adapt their work and fine-tune it basis the feedback we gave them basis their initial output has been very impressive. Also the “story ideas” behind different items like the logo has been unique. We have used them twice for this kind of work – and we wouldn’t look anywhere else if we have to do it a third time.

Arun Rao
Co-Founder, FocusU Engage

Frequently Asked Questions

We choose WordPress for web design primarily because it is the world’s leading website publishing platform, which supports over 50,000 plugins. This allows for extensive customisation without needing to code from scratch. Additionally, WordPress offers complete design freedom, is easy to manage, free to use, and supported by a vast global community of designers and developers.

Redesigning your website will not necessarily impact your SEO negatively if it’s managed properly. We ensure to import all the vital SEO data from your existing site, set up necessary redirects to maintain link equity, and implement SEO best practices throughout the new site. If you use Google Analytics, we’ll transfer your tracking code to keep track of performance changes.

Yes, there are a few additional costs to consider in your web project. These include purchasing a domain name if you don’t already have one, which we estimate at about ₹1000 per year. Website hosting is another recurring expense, approximately ₹800 per month. While there are free stock images available, you may need to purchase premium images depending on your specific requirements. Additionally, there are costs associated with advanced tools like the Elementor Pro page builder and other necessary plugins if there’s a need to further enhance the security, functionality and features of your website.

You do not need a domain name before starting a project with us. If you don’t have one, we can assist in choosing and setting up a suitable domain name. If you already have a domain, that’s great as it puts us one step closer to launching your site.

To ensure the websites we develop are both secure and consistently available, we adhere to several industry best practices that greatly reduce the likelihood of security issues like bot attacks and hacks, while also preventing excessive downtime. Here’s our approach:

Choose a Reliable Server: We use and recommend using top-tier hosting services renowned for strong security measures and reliability. These services include regular backups maintained for at least 30 days to ensure data safety and minimize downtime.
Minimize Plugin Use: We selectively use only necessary plugins that are highly rated and secure, minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities.
Regular Updates: We advise keeping WordPress and all plugins updated either automatically or through frequent manual updates to eliminate security vulnerabilities in older versions.
Security Plugins: We recommend investing in premium security plugins that offer bot protection and include a firewall to ensure your site is well-protected.
Manual Backups: We recommend conducting manual backups of your site whenever updates or changes are made, guaranteeing that you always have a recent backup for quick restoration if needed.
Use a Staging Site: We suggest making any changes or edits on a staging site first and thoroughly testing them before implementing on the live site. This process ensures stability and reduces errors.
Secure Domain Management: We advise securing your domain using platforms that provide two-factor authentication and restrict user access, further enhancing security.

By following these strategies, we not only bolster the security of your website but also ensure it remains operational with minimal interruptions.

Once your website is complete, we will transfer full ownership to you, enabling you to manage and maintain it on your own. To ensure you are comfortable with the website operations, we will provide a detailed video session where we explain how to effectively manage key areas of your site. This guidance is designed to help you navigate your website confidently and make updates independently.

We strive for excellence and our client satisfaction rates are very high. However, if you are dissatisfied at any point, our process is designed to minimise risks for both parties. We divide the project into several stages, each with its own fee structure outlined in our formal proposal. You provide approval at each stage before we proceed to the next. If you decide to terminate the project mid-way, you are only responsible for the fees up to the last approved stage plus any work completed in the current stage. Any excess fees paid will be refunded. However, taxes paid on refunded fees cannot be reclaimed if tax returns have been filed by that time.

Your High Performance Website website project would be overseen directly by Ashish Dhir, Founder Director of Liquid Designs. His team, comprising experts in strategy, communication, website design & development will collaborate closely to deliver high-quality results tailored to your brand’s needs.

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Download our FREE checklist of actionable tips to maximise your website’s potential.