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Project  Mat.se Website Redesign

Client Mat.se

Mat.se, a leading online grocery store in Sweden approached us for the redesign of its existing website. The project turned into a long relationship followed by various other projects that we did for the parent company.

Mat.se’s requirement was to revamp the design to incorporate new statistical features on its website for tracking consumers’ shopping and consumption behaviours. The objective was to uplift sales by acquiring new customers and recommend products to the existing ones based on their buying behaviours.

While implementing the solution we retained some of the designs from the existing website so that the existing users don’t have to re-learn how to use the site. We not just redesigned the website to add Mat.se’s new features but also enhanced the interface by making it contemporary and aesthetically appealing. We emphasised more on the products by taking a minimal approach and adding a lot of white space.


TCY Online

Visual Identity, Website Design