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Project  Responsive Website Design for Velvetcase

Client Velvetcase

Velvetcase is a high-end jewellery online marketplace where customers can purchase prefabricated jewellery and place orders for customised jewellery by designers.

Velvetcase’s strength over several other jewellery brands was that it was not merely a single brand owned online jewellery store but a marketplace for jewellery brands. However, most of its buyers misinterpreted it as a single brand owned online jewellery shop. It needed to reposition itself as a marketplace and a trendsetter that the users can look upto.

To solve this problem, each product was displayed with the brandname and product details so prominently that it made the users clear that Velvetcase markets products of various jewellery brands.

We took a contrasting combination of colours that included a vibrant coral and deep violet to meet the feminine taste while being bold.

The interface was intentionally designed to look like an editorial magazine which featured latest trends, products and looks to establish the brand as a trendsetter.


O3 capital

Visual Identity, Website Design