Marketing by Influence.
Client Zefmo

Project Zefmo Website and Mobile app design

Zefmo is a brand new platform that effectively bridges the gap between brands and its influencers by facilitating collaborations for influencer marketing. At the same time, it empowers consumers to make better purchasing decisions.

With the rise of digital influencers and bloggers, Zefmo wanted to stand out for efficiency, quality content and transparency between the advertisers and content creators. To attract the social influencers they had to connect well with them. To achieve this they wanted to effectively communicate their vibrant, peppy, young, confident, effervescent, reliable and honest personality.

Keeping in mind the client’s preference of having the influencers as the main target, we used bold font styles and colours and combined them with visuals of inspiring and confident human personalities. We applied significantly greater use of call to action buttons to gather potential audience who would sign up as initial influencers or brands on the platform. As this was an introductory phase of the platform, we detailed on various sections to communicate the useful information easily.



Application Design