Whip it up!

Project Kokaihop Mobile App UI Design v2.0

Client Kokaihop.se

Kokaihop is a lively community of cooking enthusiasts, owned by Mat.se Holding, one of the leading Swedish company advancing in grocery products and food ingredients.

Kokaihop reached us with the intent to upgrade its interface and refurbish the experience to make it an impressive one so as to lift up the user engagement from the base layer where it was just a recipe browsing platform. The aim was to initiate some user interactivity that would become the life of the application.

We set out by streamlining our designs based on a minimalistic approach by following the iOS guidelines and placing the uploaded recipes in the highlights to seek maximum attention. Our main focus was to make the app more intuitive, accessible and easy to use by phasing in features like gamification, creating shopping lists, setting up a timer and simplifying the on-boarding process.



Visual Identity, Website Design