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Project Photo Recipes App UI Design

Client is one of the leading Online Grocery Stores in Sweden. As a part of their vision of making cooking and ordering easier for its customers commissioned us to design a stand alone “Recipe Scanning App”.

The goal of this app was to allow consumers to order ingredients through directly from any printed material, such as a recipe book, by scanning it through the Photo Recipe Scanning App. As’s main website was still in development, the Photo Recipe app worked as an enabler to blur the lines between offline and online by creating a strong contextual link.

To design this app, we followed the same minimal and clean design language that we had adopted for website design. The photo recipe app was an interesting way of scanning a recipe and ordering ingredients directly on

The application also helped users by providing potential information like the remaining quantity from a pack that one could used later. Many such useful pieces of information added to the app allowed the consumer to take valuable buying decisions while purchasing on



Website Design, Application Design