Maximising the impact
Client Paytm

Project  Paytm Logo and Visual Identity Design

Paytm, the innovative FinTech company of India, has played a crucial role in transforming the way Indians handle transactions and manage their finances. Founded in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma under One97 Communications, Paytm rapidly became a cornerstone of India’s digital payment landscape, currently serving over 90 million users across the nation.

The Challenge

As Paytm evolved, its original logo and visual identity no longer captured its values and aspirations. Paytm was on a mission to bring millions of people into the financial mainstream and realize a vision of a cashless India. This required a logo that symbolized modernity, trust, and a commitment to financial inclusivity. With Paytm’s remarkable growth—partnering with thousands of merchants, facilitating millions of transactions daily across multiple business verticals—a coherent and cohesive brand identity became crucial. This identity needed to resonate with users and convey a unified message that bound together Paytm’s expanding ecosystem.

Logo Design Transformation

Liquid Designs embarked on a journey to transform Paytm’s logo, recognising the need to create a visual identity that aligned with the brand’s mission and vision. The result was a logo that not only looked distinctive but also embodied the essence of cooperation, simplicity in payments, and an eagerness to cater to transactions of any scale.

In contrast to the original logo with uppercase letters and a hyphen, the new design adopted lowercase letters, fostering a minimalist approach. The name was divided into two parts: “pay” in deep blue and “tm” in light blue, creating a clear and inviting distinction. This separation not only enhanced legibility but also projected an open and accessible persona. The stylised “a” and “t” in the logo were modified, removing tails and lower bends to create a sleek, modern appearance.

The inspiration for the new Paytm logo was drawn from the logo of its parent company, One97 Communications, which Liquid Designs had also created a few years earlier. This alignment in design language served to reinforce the connection between Paytm and its parent company, creating a seamless brand experience.

Visual Language Transformation

Liquid Designs introduced a comprehensive visual language that went beyond the logo itself. This approach maximised white space, resulting in a clean, uncluttered design aesthetic. It not only enhanced readability but also conveyed a sense of modernity and forward-thinking. The visual language emphasised a minimalist, yet sophisticated, approach to design, symbolising Paytm’s commitment to simplicity and innovation.


The redesigned Paytm logo and visual identity received widespread acclaim, effectively embodying Paytm’s commitment to innovation, trust, and inclusivity. It became a symbol of cooperation and ease in the realm of digital payments, reflecting Paytm’s mission to bring all Indians into the financial mainstream. Liquid Designs’ transformation of the logo not only modernised Paytm’s visual identity but also reinforced its core values and aspirations. The newly introduced visual language, with its minimalist and clean design principles, further solidified Paytm’s position as a modern and user-centric financial platform, closely aligned with its parent company, One97 Communications.



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