Practise to Excel

Web Design for Excelonz Education

Project Excelonz Web Design

Client Excelonz Education

Excelonz enables students to practice various subjects online through its online learning platform. A major differentiator when compared to other such platforms is that, it enables parents to track and measure the progress of their child’s performance online, anytime, anywhere.

Excelonz basic user engagement requirement was to have a new interface design that can engage teachers, parents and students at the same time.

We redesigned the dashboard to make it highly intuitive and fun to use. Creating a UI-UX to engage two distinguished categories came to us as an interesting challenge. We designed the interface and the experience to make it playful, at the same time retain its actual purpose of a learning platform.



Project Mat.se Website Redesign

Client Mat.se

Mat.se, a leading online grocery store in Sweden approached us for the redesign of its existing website. The project turned into a long relationship followed by various other projects that we did for the parent company.

Mat.se’s requirement was to revamp the design to incorporate new statistical features on its website for tracking consumers’ shopping and consumption behaviours. The objective was to uplift sales by acquiring new customers and recommend products to the existing ones based on their buying behaviours.

While implementing the solution we retained some of the designs from the existing website so that the existing users don’t have to re-learn how to use the site. We not just redesigned the website to add Mat.se’s new features but also enhanced the interface by making it contemporary and aesthetically appealing. We emphasised more on the products by taking a minimal approach and adding a lot of white space.


TCY Online

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Web Design for TCY Online

Project TCY Online Web Design

Client TCY Online

TCY Online has been helping students prepare for entrance exams all across India for the past decade via their offline centres. The management added an online version five years back that enjoyed a phenomenal growth in customer acquisition.

TCY online was facing problems with consumer retention because of its too complicated dashboard that displayed heavy informative and comparative statistical data in an unintuitive format.

We were brought in, to give the consumer facing dashboard a UI re-design. From re-thinking the user experience to designing user interface from scratch, this was a project that involved high level functional innovation with professional level of aesthetics. We redesigned the dashboard by eliminating certain irrelevant content that added clarity to its content.


Velvet Case

Project Responsive Website Design for Velvetcase

Client Velvetcase

Velvetcase is a high-end jewellery online marketplace where customers can purchase prefabricated jewellery and place orders for customised jewellery by designers.

Velvetcase’s strength over several other jewellery brands was that it was not merely a single brand owned online jewellery store but a marketplace for jewellery brands. However, most of its buyers misinterpreted it as a single brand owned online jewellery shop. It needed to reposition itself as a marketplace and a trendsetter that the users can look upto.

To solve this problem, each product was displayed with the brandname and product details so prominently that it made the users clear that Velvetcase markets products of various jewellery brands.

We took a contrasting combination of colours that included a vibrant coral and deep violet to meet the feminine taste while being bold.

The interface was intentionally designed to look like an editorial magazine which featured latest trends, products and looks to establish the brand as a trendsetter.


O3 capital

Project Responsive Website Design for O3 capital

Client O3 Capital

o3 Capital is a mid-market investment bank that provides financial and strategic advice by bringing in unique combinations of insights, expertise and innovations.

o3 Capital is a progressive organisation that aimed to be perceived as a professional expert in strategic and financial consultancy. They needed to refurbish their website with the same powerful and bold personality that they had been carrying offline.

Adding ample of white space, our design decisions were taken around the concept that we termed as ‘larger than life’. To execute this concept, we took a visual approach with photographs featuring cities and close up shots of streets with a fine and classy feel. We used slightly condensed and contemporary fonts that complimented the typeface used for the text ‘capital’ in the logotype.



Project Responsive Website Design for ZooStore

Client ZooStore

Aimtrex Technologies are one of the best Combat Training and Equipment Solution experts in India. The Visual Identity Redesign included refining their existing logo, giving a fresh look to the website and the brand’s stationery.



Marketing Collateral, Website Design, Application Design


Project Mat.se Photo Recipes App UI Design

Client Mat.se

Mat.se is one of the leading Online Grocery Stores in Sweden. As a part of their vision of making cooking and ordering easier for its customers Mat.se commissioned us to design a stand alone “Recipe Scanning App”.

The goal of this app was to allow consumers to order ingredients through Mat.se directly from any printed material, such as a recipe book, by scanning it through the Photo Recipe Scanning App. As Mat.se’s main website was still in development, the Photo Recipe app worked as an enabler to blur the lines between offline and online by creating a strong contextual link.

To design this app, we followed the same minimal and clean design language that we had adopted for Mat.se website design. The photo recipe app was an interesting way of scanning a recipe and ordering ingredients directly on Mat.se.

The application also helped users by providing potential information like the remaining quantity from a pack that one could used later. Many such useful pieces of information added to the app allowed the consumer to take valuable buying decisions while purchasing on Mat.se.



Website Design, Application Design


Marketing by Influence.

Web & mobile app design for Zefmo

Project Zefmo Website and Mobile app design

Client Zefmo

Zefmo is a brand new platform that effectively bridges the gap between brands and its influencers by facilitating collaborations for influencer marketing. At the same time, it empowers consumers to make better purchasing decisions.

With the rise of digital influencers and bloggers, Zefmo wanted to stand out for efficiency, quality content and transparency between the advertisers and content creators. To attract the social influencers they had to connect well with them. To achieve this they wanted to effectively communicate their vibrant, peppy, young, confident, effervescent, reliable and honest personality.

Keeping in mind the client’s preference of having the influencers as the main target, we used bold font styles and colours and combined them with visuals of inspiring and confident human personalities. We applied significantly greater use of call to action buttons to gather potential audience who would sign up as initial influencers or brands on the platform. As this was an introductory phase of the platform, we detailed on various sections to communicate the useful information easily.