Innocent and Outlaw Brand Archetype blend

Combining the purity of the Innocent with the rebellious spirit of the Outlaw results in a unique blend that challenges norms while upholding authenticity. This fusion allows your brand to offer both a sense of safety and a daring edge, captivating audiences with its unconventional yet genuine approach.


Embracing the Outlaw's Rebellion

The Outlaw archetype embodies rebellion, breaking free from conventions, and challenging the status quo. By integrating these elements into your brand, you invite your audience to question norms and embrace authenticity without fear.

Balancing Innocence with Rebellion

Blending the Innocent’s simplicity with the Outlaw’s rebelliousness allows your brand to offer a safe space while also encouraging unconventional thinking. It’s about presenting information in an approachable manner while challenging boundaries and sparking curiosity.

Audience Connection Enhanced by Rebellion

Your brand attracts individuals seeking authenticity and a break from societal norms. This audience values sincerity, resonates with your genuine approach, and finds empowerment in the rebellious spirit your brand embodies.

Crafting Messages of Authentic Rebellion

When communicating, maintain the warmth and simplicity cherished by the Innocent, while infusing your messages with a sense of rebellion and authenticity. Offer reassurance but also inspire your audience to challenge the norms.

Visual Representation of Rebellion and Purity

In your visual identity, retain the clean, minimalist style of the Innocent, but incorporate symbols or imagery that evoke rebellion and authenticity. Consider visuals that challenge conventions or use imagery associated with defiance and purity.

Real-World Brands with Innocent and Outlaw Archetype blend

Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's embraces the Innocent side with its wholesome, natural ingredients and values-driven approach. Simultaneously, it embodies the Outlaw archetype by advocating for social justice causes and challenging traditional business practices.

TOMS Shoes

Known for its Innocent focus on simplicity and social responsibility, TOMS also embodies the Outlaw spirit by disrupting the traditional business model through its one-for-one giving program.

Dollar Shave Club

Combining Innocence through simplicity in product offerings with an Outlaw approach in its marketing and advertising, Dollar Shave Club challenges the norms of traditional grooming brands

Actionable Strategies to embody brand personality of Innocent and Outlaw Archetype blend

Unconventional Storytelling

Share narratives that challenge norms and inspire audiences to embrace their uniqueness.

Authentic Disruption

Establish your brand as a disruptor, questioning existing standards and providing alternative, authentic perspectives.

Empower Through Authenticity

Encourage your audience to embrace their true selves by breaking societal barriers and embracing authenticity.

Accessible Rebellion

Make unconventional ideas understandable and relatable, breaking them down into digestible content.

Adaptive Disruption

Continually evolve your approach based on audience feedback, allowing your brand to redefine boundaries alongside your audience’s evolving perspectives.
By seamlessly blending the Innocent’s simplicity with the Outlaw’s rebellious spirit, your brand can create a distinct narrative that captivates audiences seeking authenticity, empowerment, and the thrill of challenging norms.

Ideas to craft your Visual Identity for Innocent and Outlaw Archetype blend

Subversive Minimalism

Merge clean, innocent aesthetics with elements that subtly challenge norms or incorporate rebellious symbols.

Bold Contrasts

Use a blend of soft, innocent tones and bold, rebellious colors to represent the fusion of purity and defiance.

Unconventional Symbols

Incorporate imagery that balances purity and rebellion, like clean designs disrupted by elements of chaos or rebellion.
Integrating these visual elements and real-world brand examples allows your brand to create an intriguing identity that resonates with audiences seeking both authenticity and a rebellious spirit. This fusion captures the essence of genuine rebellion while upholding the comfort of authenticity.
Disclaimer: Identifying a brand’s archetype is a complex process, and the quiz results should be seen as a rough indication rather than a definitive answer. It’s important to note that the implementation ideas presented here are generic in nature and may not fully reflect the unique characteristics of your brand. For a more accurate understanding of your brand archetype and tailored implementation strategies, it is highly recommended to consult with an expert in the field.

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